Lakeshore’s Secret Weapon

Coming from New Fairfield, CT, Lakeshore came out with their second EP Secret Weapons on November 17, 2018. This five track EP is filled with high quality songwriting and talent.

The album starts with “Erased”, a heavy rock song with some electronic instruments but not so much to be distracting. Steven McCorry, their vocalist, paints a vivid picture of someone hurting him, then he tries to erase the pain but it happens over and over again.

The next song, “Magic” starts soft giving it a contrast to “Erased” but quickly becomes just as heavy. The breakdown before the last chorus will have anyone headbanging. The song then fades into a perfect transition to the next song, “Sorry”.

“Sorry” is one of the songs that shows off Lakeshore’s talent. The song starts off with just an acoustic guitar and vocals singing about how he is sorry. Then the rest of the band comes into the chorus where the song takes a turn with McCorry singing about how she ‘Let the change, let the change, pull me down, down, down’. After the second chorus there is a guitar solo that builds up in speed until the bridge. The song ends on an abrupt, but fitting shift to just acoustic guitar.

The next song, “Dreamer” is a blend of all the best parts of the previous songs. Like “Sorry”, the verses are softer with heavy choruses but the way. The verses aren’t as soft as “Sorry” so the transitions to the choruses aren’t as drastic. It starts off with filtered drums that build up to the verse then fall back again until the chorus. The guitar solo builds the intensity of the song to give the last chorus a way to fade out a little longer without it feeling like the ‘oh-a-oh’ part was too long. The song ends the same way it came in with the filtered drums.

“Colors” starts off with soft guitar and drums and interesting vocals that will make you think. McCorry’s first line is ‘Searching for myself, I don’t know what I will find”. This foreshadows him using the colors as a guide to find his calling. Like “Sorry” and “Dreamer”, “Colors” has soft verses with heavy choruses. The song builds up to a somewhat abrupt closure to the album but it’s not unpleasant.

I think Lakeshore did a good job with this album and I’m excited about what’s to come. Secret Weapons gave a good view of what the band is capable of. I think this album is worth a listen (or two since it’s only 5 tracks). They’re on Spotify but if you want to support Lakeshore, you can find Secret Weapons on Amazon here.

I give Secret Weapons an 8/10

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial


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