Fight The Fury Is Still Breathing

Many of you may know the Christian hard rock band Skillet. But to every story there’s always two sides. In this case, the other side is singer and bassist John Cooper’s side project Fight The Fury. On October 26, 2018 Fight The Fury released their debut EP Still Breathing.

The album has a dark theme throughout with Coopers’s rough voice pumping out passion filled lyrics. Add the heavy guitars and powerful drums, you get the perfect blend for a hard rock, pushing metal, album.

The album opens with “My Demons”. This song starts off with Cooper’s distorted voice and a heavy bass line. The drums and guitar are just as heavy keeping your head nodding along all 4 minutes of the song. The song has emotional lyrics about the demons in his past and how he has to always sleep with one eye open to watch out for someone coming after him.

The next track “Dominate Me” comes in with fast and heavy guitars. Talking about guitars, this track has some great instrumentals and guitar solos. This song is things controling you. It could be a person, drug, money or anything else addicting.

“Still Burning” starts off soft tricking you into think it’ll be the one soft song that a lot of hard rock EPs have. But no, it explodes about 15 seconds in with palm muted guitars and heavy drums. This song seems like it could be a heavier Skillet track. Maybe I’m looking through the lens of Cooper being in a Christian rock band, but the lyrics “I’m burning, Burning for You, Your eternally” seem like they could be about God.

The intro to “I Cannot” starts off with some effects that aren’t common in the other songs. In the verse, Cooper alternates lines of screaming with lines of singing. The snare hit on every note in the verse, in addition to the guitars, drive the verses forward until the sing along choruses. The repetition of the phrase “I cannot” makes it a little repetitive but not too much so.

The last track, “Lose Hold Of It All”, has a good blend of screams in the chorus with rough clean vocals in the chorus. Cooper shows that his screams are just a good as his clean vocals. A lot of the songs on Still Breathing are hard rock but this track is definitely metal. It shows with the shredding guitars throughout the song and in the instrumental piece at the end.

Overall, Fight The Fury did a good job with the release of their first EP. They had a consistent sound throughout that makes them different from your everyday hard rock band. I know that this is a side project for John Cooper but I hope they keep making records.

If you want to listen to the album you can find it on Spotify. If you like what you hear, support the band and buy the EP on Amazon.

I give Still Breathing an 8/10

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

Fight The Fury Info:

Instagram: @fightthefury
Twitter: @fightthefury

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