Skillet’s Jen Ledger is stepping out on her own with ‘LEDGER’

Last week I reviewed John Cooper’s side project, Fight The Fury, and to keep the trend, I will be reviewing the self titled EP from LEDGER. LEDGER is the side project of Skillet‘s drummer, Jen Ledger. I don’t like to compare albums from two different artists because each artist has their own style so to be a little cliche, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. With that in mind, I’ll do my best to not compare it to Fight The Fury, even though they’re both side projects from different member of the same band.

Jen Ledger has been a musician most of her life and part of the music industry since she was 18. Leger was born in England and moved to the United States when she was 16 to major in drums with a scholarship at Living Light School of Worship in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Skillet discovered Ledger when they attended a church service in the town she lived in when she was 18. They asked her to try out to be their new drummer and the rest is history.

LEDGER didn’t release their EP until last April but it had been years in the making. Even though Ledger collaborated with some members from her primary band Skillet, this EP has it’s own unique sound.

The EP opens with “Not Dead Yet”, a song about overcoming whatever trials you’re facing but, more specifically Ledger’s personal fight with panic attacks. The structure of the song matches that theme, starting soft and building up in the chorus to bold lines like, “I may be broken / But I’m not done / I’ll go on fighting, while there’s breath in my lungs”. The video for this song is Ledger in a boxing ring being knocked down until she rises up and knocked her opponent out which also is very fitting for song’s theme.



The next song, “Warrior”, comes in with vocals and a synth. The synth is more pronounced in this song and blends well with the heavy guitars and drums. Skillet fans will be happy with song because it has John Cooper singing a verse and backing vocals. His rough voice blends well with Ledger’s softer voice.

“Bold” is full of powerful lyrics. The song sounds good but it’s very different from the first two so it doesn’t really transition well. It has a great message in the lyrics. The song speaks about being bold because she knows that God’s on her side. This seems like some of the songwriting from her main band Skillet since they are a Christian rock band.

The following track, “Foreigner”, has a sound that is more like the first two songs. Ledger shines in this song while keeping the verses soft but dominant while the choruses explodes with her sing about how she doesn’t belong here so she’s fighting until she makes it home. The verses of this song both have a few lines of the nursery rhyme “Ring around the roses”. Fun fact, that nursery rhyme is about the Black Plague but, that’s probably not what she meant with it…

The second to last song “Ruins” is another softer song with a piano being the primary instrument throughout. The theme of this song is heartbreak and Ledger’s voice blends well with the piano, keeping her voice soft while displaying the emotions that she’s feeling. Ledger exposes herself on this track as she sings about how she was hurt time and time again. The last two lines of the chorus really express that, “Your love left me in ruins / Won’t you ruin me again?”

The last song on this EP is “Iconic”, which could also be used to describe the song. It is the best song to end the EP. It has a blend of synth, heavy guitar and the different sounds of Ledger’s voice. The song is catchy repeating the phrase “You’re so iconic” four times in the chorus but following it with something different every time so it doesn’t get repetitive, just stuck in your head.

Ledger did a good job with LEDGER. She kept some elements the Skillet fans would recognize while also adding her own spin on it. Every song is full of emotion that you can feel as you’re listening to it. There are only 6 tracks in this EP so you should listen to it too.

If you like what you read and want to check it out, you can listen to it on Spotify but if you really like what you read, support LEDGER and buy a copy of the album on Amazon.

I give LEDGER an 8/10

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

Connect with LEDGER:


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