The Protest is making a “Legacy”

While doing the research for my last two reviews, I came across the Christian rock band, The Protest. Their music had the same heavy guitars and drums as any other good hard rock band but their lyrics were refreshingly positive. After looking into them a little more, I saw that The Protest released their third album, Legacy, last year. This was their first record with their new label, RockFest Records.

The album starts off strong with “Valor”. The instruments are pretty heavy throughout the song coming in strong just a few seconds in. Their singer, Josh Bramlett, shows some versatility in this song going from a gritty voice in the verses to clean vocals in the chorus. The hard rock sound is complemented by the positive lyrics saying, “All the oppression we will take it, take it in stride // Can’t keep us grounded reaching higher and higher tonight”.

Legacy continues with their first single “What Else You Got”. This song was a good choice to be a single. It’s catchy and after hearing it a few times it’s hard not to sing along to. Two of my favorite lines are from the pre-chorus where Bramlett sings, “I’ve taken every shot that you can throw // I’m standing on top so now you know”.

“Knockout” comes in with heavy guitars and Bramlett screaming, “Feels like I’m swimming with the sharks”. It uses a lot of boxing references so it would be a perfect fight song for someone to walk into the ring.

If you like southern rock, you’ll want to listen to “Straight From The Barrel”. Where “Knockout” used boxing references, “Straight From The Barrel” takes you through a duel. The pre-chorus says it best with “Twenty paces apart // You best stand stall // Come on and take your best shot // Cause the winner takes all”. The lyrics don’t say much more than that but it’s a fun song to listen to.

Legacy gets a little softer with “Take My Heart”. The intro teases you into thinking it’s going to be another heavy song but then the verses come in and you hear Bramlett’s voice the softest that it’s been this album. The choruses are a different story though. This song is packed with emotion. After hearing the words of the chorus it would have been difficult to sing those as soft as he did in the verse. “Take my heart // Before it falls apart // I wanna know that it’s still beating // Can’t seem to stop the bleeding // Take my heart”.

The next song “Noise Revolution” is catchy and keeps you nodding along all the way through. I think the best part is the great guitar solo. Like “Straight From The Barrel”, the music was really good but I wasn’t blown away by the lyrics.

The title track “Legacy” is the heaviest track on the album. There are a few lines of clean vocals but it’s mostly screams. I like the vocals and the music but lyrics were very repetitive. I know it’s the name of the song/album but the only thing I can remember from that song is hearing “legacy”.

The next song “Stitched” is a good hard rock song through and through. It has everything from the powerful rough vocals in the verses to the breakdown after the second chorus. I was critical of the lyrics in some of their songs but they did a great job with “Stitched”. The song is about how he’s a broken man but he needs God to put him back together. The last two lines in the chorus says that with “Build me into what you need // Stitch up my identity in you”.

The second to last song “To The Death” comes in with an explosion of screams and guitars. “To The Death” is about being able to give everything to God. The last lines in the song say it best, “I am right here in the depths are // you with me to the death?”

Bringing the album to a close is “Bad Self / Ascension”. It starts of with a synth and a catchy guitar line. Then gets softer for the first half of the verse with just vocals, synth a bass drum playing on the beat. Then the rest of the band comes in and it stays pretty heavy until just before the fantastic guitar solo at the end. The song is about trying to ascend and get above your bad self.

I think this was a great album. They had positive lyrics while keeping a hard rock sound. If you want to hear any more of the songs from The Protest, follow them on Spotify. If you like what you hear there, support them from buying their album or seeing them live.

I give Legacy a 7/10.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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