Gold Frankincense & Myrrh and Beautycore

With each of them learning to play an instrument at 5 years old, it seems only natural that these three sisters would start a band, Gold Frankincense & Myrrh. GFM is made up of CJ on guitar and vocals, Maggie on bass, keys and vocals and Lulu on drums and vocals.

GFM has been touring since 2014. “We’ve been on two nationwide tours. We’ve gone over to Germany. So things are just crazy,” GFM replied when asked about their path getting into music. CJ injured her ankle recently but GFM continued to play shows. CJ sat on a stool while performing, and they brought J.R. Bareis of Love and Death our to play guitar. GFM will be playing a show at Concord College in Athens, WV on Feb. 28.

When you hear GFM, you may think they are hardcore or metalcore but, they consider themselves beautycore. GFM created this genre saying, “We wanted to find our place in the world and just decided to make our own place. So now a bunch of women are starting to come into the music industry, which is a really cool thing, and a lot of them are actually starting to jump on the beautycore hashtag. . . . It’s become this women empowerment movement in the music industry.”

I was reminded of Flyleaf when I first listened to GFM and when I asked about their influences, GFM said “We were definitely very influenced by Flyleaf. That’s how we discovered girls could scream in music and girls can play metal music.” Paramore is also one of their influences. “It’s where we draw our melodies from”, GFM said. Butcher Babies is where they get their direction.

GFM is outspoken about their faith and when asked if that has affected the band, they admitted that it has but said, “We are unapologetically ourselves . . . and we just do us”. They said that people respect them because they are not hypocritical about their faith nor try to hide it. They even have a page explaining the Gospel on their site.

One of their new singles out now, “Give Me A Sign”, is full of emotion and when I asked what inspired it, their answer was just as heartfelt as the song is. “When it was written we were all kind of in a pretty low place and we were all trying to find some kind of motivation to get through the day. Asking God for signs to just help me find something to hold on to. And through all that, we discovered that you can’t get help unless you physically go ask for it and asking for a sign isn’t going to cut it. It isn’t going to make you get better. We wrote this song to serve as a warning and to let our listeners and our fans know that if you are going through something like that, you know you’re not alone first of all in the struggle so we’re always here to talk. And second of all, this song is your sign. Definitely reach out because there is no way to get healing if nobody knows that you’re dealing with anything,” GFM explained. I didn’t get as clear of an answer about the music video though. They just said that it’s related to their upcoming EP and that they “love Easter eggs and are very inspired by Panic! At The Disco if that means anything to anyone. So definitely be looking out for more.”

After watching a few of their music videos and live performances I noticed that they wore cheerleader uniforms a lot. When asked about this GFM said that they are cheering for and supporting their fans, “Team GFM”. “We always want to support them and we thought what better way to support our team than wear cheerleader outfits.”

They’ve played all over the United States but GFM said that their favorite show was when they played in Germany. They played at the Loud and Proud Festival. “We even got tattoos because of it,” GFM said.

GFM said that their favorite part of being on tour is meeting their fans in person. They have been touring a lot over the past few years but they said that since they’re young and love doing this, there hasn’t been many negatives.

GFM is releasing a new EP soon but when I asked, they responded with “We do have dates for the releases, but right now we’re not at liberty to say any of them.” So you’ll know when I do but I don’t think it will be too much longer. Also, they are releasing a new line of merch that you can check out on their site.

From what they were saying, it seems like the beautycore scene is growing so if there are any of you wanting to break into it, I asked GFM for some tips. They said not to give up because there will be obstacles to overcome but, if it’s your real passion, all of that shouldn’t matter. Practice but don’t take yourself too seriously. They ended the advice saying, “Always pray about it because that’s the most important thing, making sure you’re living out God’s will.”

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh is making heavy music with a positive message and I’m happy that I got the chance to speak with them. If you want to hear more, follow them on Spotify and, if you like what you hear, buy some merch!

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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