Don’t miss Eric Champlin’s new single dropping March 8

Nothing against rap but, when is the last time you heard rap with a positive message? I can’t remember the last time I have but that changed when I listened to Eric Champlin’s music. He has faith based rap based on his personal trials. It’s very easy to relate to his music because he raps about many of the things that we all go though.

Eric will be releasing a new sing this Friday. It’s called “Where You Begin” and features Mikayla Jackson. The contrast between Eric’s raps in the verses and Mikayla’s singing in the chorus is what makes this track stand out. Like I was saying earlier, Eric’s song are real but also positive and this one is no exception. Some of my favorite lines from the song are in the chorus where Mikayla sings, “When I have nothing left to give // I still have a voice to sing // Hallelujah hallelujah // Hallelujah my King”.

“Where You Begin” will be released on all major streaming platforms and will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Friday, March 8. You can also listen to his previous releases on those sites too. If you’re going through any struggles right now, Eric’s music will lift you up and put you in better spirits.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

Connect with Eric Champlin:


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