Life After MCR: Gerard Way and The Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way’s vision has come to life in the form of a Netflix TV show. The Umbrella Academy has been one of his projects since his early days as the front man for My Chemical Romance. Since then, he, alongside artist Gabriel Ba, have created Apocalypse Suite, Dallas, and most recently; the long awaited Hotel Oblivion. The show has become a hit with audiences everywhere. This leads to the question, will the success of the show lead to more music from Way anytime soon?

Since last fall, Gerard Way has slowly been releasing new singles into the public. “Baby You’re a Haunted House” came as a surprise to fans, since it is well known of Way’s heavy involvement in the comic book world. The last album he had released was years prior and he made no indication that he was going back to music. Other singles include, Dasher and Getting Down the Germs, the latter being a collaboration with Ray Toro. These singles led up to the recent release of The Umbrella Academy. Gerard Way’s music has always been dark and eclectic, so it was no surprise that his music in the show reflects that. Way contributed two cover songs in the show with the help of his former MCR band mate, Ray Toro. “Hazy Shade of Winter”, a Simon & Garfunkel original, serves as the conclusion to the first season of The Umbrella Academy and an accurate representation to the show’s calamity. Upon reading the comic, Way’s eccentric personality is evident. The Umbrella Academy has always balanced gloom and humor well, and Way’s moody cover of, “Happy Together,” in the show ties that together.

It has been over four years since the release of Gerard Way’s solo album, Hesitant Alien. Way’s first solo album differentiated musically from his previous My Chemical Romance days. The glam rock sound can be attributed to his own musical influences, David Bowie or the Pixies. Way’s brit-pop debut allowed for him to make music that was never possible with MCR. However, it seems as though The Umbrella Academy may bring him back to his melancholy roots. In a Billboard interview, Way mentions the inspiration for new music he received by watching the actors on set. The show’s gloomy overtone may just inspire a more gothic sophomore album from Gerard Way.

Although Gerard Way has his hands full with several projects, a new album may just be in the works. After releasing several singles, some being in his hit tv show, there is a huge possibility for new music. Since Hesitant Alien, Way’s involvement in music had been minimal. With the popularity of The Umbrella Academy, all eyes are on him to release new music. For now, fans will have to eagerly wait on standby for Gerard Way to deliver.

Author: Taylor Manley
Instagram: @taylorjordan812

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