Replacing Chester Bennington: Should Linkin Park Get a New Lead Singer?

Linkin Park fans everywhere became a-twitter when Mike Shinoda recently responded to the following question: would Linkin Park consider replacing Chester Bennington?

Some were outraged; others disappointed. But no matter which side of the emotional spectrum you’re on, the real question remains: should Linkin Park consider replacing Chester Bennington?

Obviously, it’s not an easy question to answer. Truthfully, though, it’s not exactly a new topic of conversation. Since last summer, there have been rumors circulating around possible contenders for the role and speculation over whether such iconic shoes could be filled. It’s not the easiest topic to broach, considering Chester has only been gone for nearly two years, but it’s a necessary talking point for a band that remains active.

Let’s start with the opposing mindset: Linkin Park should most certainly not replace Chester. Chester Bennington wasn’t just a part of Linkin Park, he was Linkin Park. To move forward with someone new is to turn the band into something else entirely (kind of like From First to Last sans-Sonny). Not only that, but wouldn’t it be disrespectful to Chester’s memory? Wouldn’t moving forward with a replacement position the band as one looking to maintain its image rather than integrity?

Then there’s the opposite viewpoint. Keeping Linkin Park together and allowing for them to make new songs could be seen more as a tribute to Chester as opposed to a blatant disregard for his contribution to nu-metal (and to music as a whole). This also isn’t the first time a band has lost a lead singer, either due to conflict or tragic situations. It’s possible to move forward and maintain what the music stands for many years to come.

Whatever the case, it’s apparent Linkin Park is looking to make moves. We have to trust that Mike Shinoda and the other remaining members will do what’s best for both the interest of the band and Chester’s legacy. The future’s still open to Linkin Park, and we’re open for whatever may come.

Author: Claudia Dimuro

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