Introducing WildHeart, Putting Atlanta Back on the Map

Let’s face it: you probably don’t know who the band WildHeart is. If you are looking for the Aussiecore band Wildheart, we will not be covering them today. Something you might recognize from the get-go with Atlanta’s WildHeart, however, are some very familiar faces. Yes, former Issues vocalist Michael Bohn is featured in this up-and-coming group. No, he’s not singing for WildHeart and no, we are not going to talk about his time with Issues. Why, you might ask? This is a new chapter; a new era, if you will. Another familiar face is Kevin Hanson, a former member of Woe, Is Me with Bohn. Outside of those two fellas, only Atlanta natives will recognize other members. But don’t let that fool you, WildHeart is putting Atlanta back on the musical map and ready to conquer a genre that many Georgia natives find groundbreaking.

Let’s start with the basics. Who is WildHeart? They came together following Bohn’s new chapter in music in the place they call home: Atlanta, GA. A city known for its underground metal and rap scene, WildHeart is bringing something new to the fastest growing city in America. Lead singer Jaten Dimsdale (or TeddySwims) is leading a musical renaissance in Atlanta in more ways than one can name, so his contributions in WildHeart are through the roof. Michael Bohn has embraced the nostalgic role of drummer, in which he stated on Instagram live was a move of going back to his roots. Turner Wood is on bass, and he’s a dang good one on bass. Kevin Hanson, the former riffmaster of Woe, Is Me, is back on the strings and his writing ability is shining once again (shocker). Last, but certainly not least, Adonijah “Addy” Cartwright is on guitar and keys. Addy brings a next level form of energy to the group, which is just another cherry on top of the talent the group embraces comprehensively.

WildHeart is: (left to right) Turner Wood, Kevin Hanson, Jaten Dimsdale, Addy Cartwright, and Michael Bohn (photo: Garrett Cardoso)

You might be wondering: what does WildHeart sound like? Do they have any songs? Lucky for you, they released their first single at the end of February. You can stream it here now!

“Lonely” is exactly what we wanted it to be and more. Bohn stated on multiple occasions that WildHeart was bringing something different, more along the lines of legendary artists Chris Stapleton and Dan + Shay. If you never saw Bohn’s statements before listening, you might have pictured Bohn eating another mic to a love song that was gonna bring all the feels. Instead, you’ll find that Jaten Dimsdale is among the best of them. His unique pitch and charisma encompass what WildHeart is all about: passion. The same can be said for Wood, Hanson, and Cartwright, all of which have built something incredibly special alongside Bohn’s skills behind the kit. Just at a glimpse, you would have thought that Bohn never laid the sticks down. “Lonely” is your new favorite song, and it’s not just because of the message is carries. It is a lyrical masterpiece that reminds you how great it is to hear a group form something so unique and special with their own minds. WildHeart is a picture-perfect fit and the chemistry is evident from the first second into “Lonely”.

Check out Wildheart on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify! Stream their new single and post a screenshot on social media and tag them at the handles above. You can stream their new single via Spotify here!

All photos courtesy of Garrett Cardoso. You can follow him on Instagram here.


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