Coming Soon: I Prevail’s new album, Trauma

Coming in with their second full studio album, Michigan based metalcore band I Prevail will be releasing Trauma on March 29, 2019. I Prevail has released three singles from Trauma so far: “Bow Down”, “Paranoid” and “Breaking Down”. From these songs, and the title of the album, it seems like the album will be about mental health, a topic that many artists have been writing about lately.

With “Paranoid”, I Prevail blends a few musical genres together throughout the song. In a few parts throughout the song, they use electronic instruments giving it a little bit of an EDM feel. In the pre-chorus Eric Vanlerberghe raps his screams so it gives it a hip-hop sound. The lyrics take you through the emotions and thoughts of someone always looking over his shoulder waiting for something traumatic to happen. The song ends appropriately with clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser whispering, “I think I’m paranoid.”

Although it was released before “Paranoid”, “Breaking Down” feels like a perfect follow up track. The first verse references the paranoia when Burkheiser sings, “I think I think too much // I’m a little bit paranoid // I think I’m breaking // Maybe it’s in my blood // Got a pain that I can’t avoid // I think I’m breaking down”. “Breaking Down” also has some hip-hop elements in it. The song is about depression and Burkheiser’s struggle with it. The video shows how there will always be something to be sad about but there will be people that care for you.

While “Paranoid” and “Breaking Down” are about mental health, I Prevail seems to take “Bow Down” in a different direction. “Bow Down” comes in with heavy guitars and screaming about how he’s in control. The last few lines in the chorus explain the song the best, “To everybody who doubted // Get on your knees and bow down”. The music video shows how people try to make him what they want without caring about him. He ends up gaining control and making them “bow down.”

So far, I think these singles from Trauma are some of the best songs I Prevail has released and I am excited to hear the rest of the album when it drops on March 29. Also, they will be on tour to promote Trauma this Spring and Summer with Issues and Justin Stone. You can get tickets on bandsintown. If you want to check out more I Prevail, you can stream them here.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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