The Ren-Emo-Saince: The Emo Scene’s Comeback

Decades are back in vogue.

First it was the seventies. Then, with the coming of Stranger Things, the eighties (and color-pop clothing) regained their heyday. More recently the nineties were bled dry and now, with The 2000s documentary currently available for streaming on Netflix, it looks like it’s time for the early millennium to gain some trendy traction. This can only mean one thing: the rebirth of the emo scene is on its way.

It’s hard to believe that bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance got their start nearly twenty years ago. While some of you may have to lay down after reading that, others may fondly remember the early 2000s as a time when emo seriously hit its peak. Fueled By Ramen was signing up bands left and right (Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, All Time Low) who remain in our hearts despite hairflips having gone out of style. Some have lived on; others fizzled. And now that Warped Tour, thought dead, has suddenly been resurrected to take place this summer, one can’t help but wonder: is a Ren-Emo-Saince on its way?

There are a few signs pointing to the affirmative. Warped Tour coming back is one; there’s also the fact that Super Bowl 2019 played “Sugar, We’re Going Down” not once but twice prior to commercial breaks. Then there’s the traction gained by Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy, which is most certainly due to it being a fantastic show but also the draw for fans to see Way rocking and rolling again. Hell, it’s only a matter of time before wrist sweatbands are back in style.

Author: Claudia Dimuro
Writer/Optimization Specialist

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