Inside Look: Review of The Simulation Tour 2019

Tour: The Simulation Tour
Date: March 14th, 2019
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Artists: Kingdom of Giants, Make Them Suffer, Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris

The Simulation Tour is Born Of Osiris’ headlining tour to promote their latest release “The Simulation”. Born Of Osiris’ 5th studio album was released on January 11th, 2019. Born Of Osiris brought some familiar names, such as Chelsea Grin, Make Them Suffer and Kingdom Of Giants. Needless to say, this tour was HEAVY.

Kingdom Of Giants opening the show and came out with ‘Damaged Goods’, ‘Lion’s Mouth’ and ‘Bleach’, showing their capability of diversity from one album to another, keeping the crowd engaged in every moment. ‘Bleach’ is the bands most recent release. During ‘Tunnel Vision’, vocalist Dana Willax screams ‘What once was full, is empty now’, bodies were flying. ‘No Faith No Space’ slowed things down and showcased Dana’s voice and left the crowd wanting more. The band finished with Cash Out, which was a perfect way to end the set. The song is emotional, catchy and satisfied fans. Check out the bands latest single ‘Bleach’ on all streaming services and follow them on Instagram at @KingdomOfGiants.

Perth metalcore group, Make Them Suffer, started the night with their latest single ‘27’, warming the crowd up, only continue to get hotter. Taking the crowd back to a more deathcore style, ‘Fake’ ensured that nobody was standing still. ‘Vortex (Interdimensional Spiral Hindering Inexplicable Euphoria)’ and ‘Blood Moon’ followed, keeping the crowd on their toes. ‘Widower’, being one of the heaviest songs and arguably being the bands most popular song did not disappoint. The set closed with ‘Ether’, a song that equally combines heaviness and catchy vocal melodies. Make Them Suffer brought energy, great stage presence and a fresh insight to heavy music. Be on the lookout for new music from them soon! Go check out ‘27’ on all streaming services and follow them on Instagram at @MakeThemSuffer.

Veteran deathcore group, Chelsea Grin was nothing but energy from the moment they set foot on stage. Vocalist, Tom Barber, engaged with the crowd at the start of ‘Playing With Fire’ as they chant ‘Burn!, Burn!, Burn, Burn, Burn!’. The band rips through ‘Clickbait’ and play songs off their latest release Eternal Nightmare, ‘The Wolf’ and ‘Across The Earth’. Chelsea Grin throws a curveball and play ‘Crewcabanger’ and ‘Recreant’ off the bands self-titled EP from 2008. The last time I saw Chelsea Grin Play ‘Crewcabanger’ was in a local club, 10 years ago. All I can say is that nostalgia filled the room. ‘Limbs’ and ‘See You Son’ follow, not skipping a beat from the bands oldest songs to the bands newest. Tom Barber not only performs well, he adapted well to the bands older material and gave each song his all. The crowd has completely lost their minds; crowd surfers flood the barricade one after another throughout the set. ‘Broken Bonds’ and ‘Hostage’ keep the crowd going and with no hesitation ‘Dead Rose’, (Chelsea Grin’s first single off ‘Eternal Nightmare’) lays waste inside the venue. Saint Andrew’s Hall seems as if someone wreaked havoc. Chelsea Grin just released their ‘Eternal Nightmare Tour’ all across the United States. Catch them at show near you! Link to tour dates can be found here. Follow them on Instagram at @ChelseaGrinOfficial.

Born Of Osiris are the godfathers of Djent and melodic musicianship. As the headliners, this show was going to be nuts just from the get go. Bands like Born Of Osiris are extremely difficult to top because when they come out they bring anticipation and an insight of what a band should be. Born Of Osiris masterfully played ‘The Accursed’, ‘Empires Erased’, ‘Divergency’, ‘Under The Gun’ and ‘Analogs in a Cell’ without missing a beat. The crowd embraces their classic gallops and encapsulating guitar riffs. The energy given off by the band while playing makes you wonder how they perform every night. ‘Two Worlds of Design’, ‘Illusionist’, ‘Open Arms of Damnation’ and ‘Bow Down’ reminds everyone why they are so easily noted as being one of the leaders in djent music. The mesh of instrumentals and vocal melodies are second to none. Over the next 4 songs, ‘The Other Half of Me’, ‘Silence the Echo’, ‘Throw Me in the Jungle’ and ‘Machine’, crowd surfers came, one after the next, after the next, after the next! The band exited the stage and the crowd chanted ‘One more song’ until Born Of Osiris gave them what they wanted. Abstract Art. Check out the bands latest album, ‘The Simulation’. Follow them on Instagram at @Boocrue.

Author: Jeremy Coutu
Instagram: @VanceLens

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