Back from a 5 year break and still going strong

After being pretty quiet for 5 years, The Black Keys just released “Lo/Hi” in March, their first song since their album Turn Blue in 2014. The song is characterized by its steady drum and guitar with a retro sounding crunch to it. The song is about the valleys and peaks of life, hence the name “Lo/Hi”. The lyrics seem to focus more on the lows than the highs, like the highs were an afterthought when writing this song. “You get low, like a valley // Then high, like a bird in the sky // You get low, cause you’re angry // Low high, high low”

Although Dan Auerbach (guitar and vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums) have been on a hiatus from producing music for The Black Keys, they have still been pretty active in the music scene. Auerbach launched Easy Eye Sound record label in 2017 and has produced songs for Dee White, Yola and more. He has also worked on some solo work like his album Waiting On a Song. Carney has stayed active producing albums with Calvin Johnson, Michelle Branch and helped with the music for Netflix’s BoJack Horseman.

Hopefully, this release of “Lo/Hi” is signaling a return of The Black Keys. I remember jamming out to “Fever” in 2014 and would like to do the same with some new music from them. Use the links below to follow them on their social media to keep up with any new releases.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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