Inside Look: Review of the As I Lay Dying North America Tour 2019

Tour: As I Lay Dying North America Tour 2019
Date: March 19th, 2019
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Artists: Frost Koffin, Currents, Phinehas, As I Lay Dying

To start off the night, an unlikely group, ‘Frost Koffin’ hit the stage. I have never heard of Frost Koffin before this tour and they have only released a self-titled album. These guys have flares of Pantera, Asking Alexandria and Iron Maiden. Frost Koffin played there self-titled front to back and I have to say, these guys know how to rock. Check out their self-titled album on all streaming services and follow them on Instagram at @FrostKoffin.

Track List

1. Blistered

2. Bare Bones

3. Crucible Relief

4. Hell Roller

5. Position of Power

6. Iron Crutch

7. Brain Pollution

8. Harmful Delusion

If you have never heard of the metalcore group, Currents, please do yourself a favor and check out their latest release I Let The Devil In. I Let The Devil In is my favorite EP of 2018 and Currents never disappoints. Currents brings a lot of excitement and new energy to every song. The band started their set with ‘Into Despair’, the first song and single off of their EP. The song is filled with furry, anger and red, the crowd broke open and a mosh pit shaped. Currents played songs, ‘Apnea’, ‘Withered’ and ‘Delusion’ off their album The Place I Feel Safest, which in my opinion could have been a contender of Album Of The Year in 2017. ‘The Rope’ is a song based around clean vocals but the lyrical content brings the heaviness. At the end of the song, a short pause and vocalist, Brian Wille screamed ‘I turn and walk away, cause I can’t look you in the face, without reaching for the rope. If it were wrapped around my neck, you’d just sit back and watch me choke. You’d just sit back and watch me choke!’ With sheer emotion and force St. Andrew’s Hall erupted with crowd surfers and moshing. The band finished their night with ‘Forever Marked’ and ‘Night Terrors’. The night was full of hefty breakdowns and melodic instrumentals. Currents is finishing off the As I Lay Dying 2019 Headliner and are heading out in Europe with August Burns Red on their 10 Year Constellations Tour. Check out I Let The Devil In on all streaming services and follow them on Instagram at @Currents.

When talking about music, Phinehas is a band that is defining its place in metal. It seems over the past few years, Phinehas has only become more and more notable. Phinehas was all energy, starting their set with ‘Dark Flag’, ‘Forever West’, and ‘Hell Below’. ‘Hell Below’ brought energy to the room but you could feel a shift when vocalist, Sean McCulloch, motioned for a wall of death. ‘Fleshkiller’, ‘Dead Choir’ and ‘White Livered’ are some of the bands older songs, but the crowd’s energy kept increasing from one song to the next and so did Phinehas’. ‘Know Death; Know Forever’ the last song off of Dark Flag, the bands latest release in 2017, lead into the bands most popular song ‘I Am The Lion’. The set ended with arms and bodies swinging from one side of the venue to the other. Phinehas puts on an extremely good performance with great energy and power. Be on the lookout for new music from Phinehas in the near future and follow them on Instagram at @PhinehasBand.

As I Lay Dying is a band that over the past few years has been in question. Many of us as fans did not know if they would get back together, make music or even exist. Let me tell you, they are back and they are back with full force. When attending the show I was skeptical because I was misinformed about allegations and the charges vocalist, Tim Lambesis, pleaded too. Tim is now apart of groups that help mentor inmates in prison to do better when they get out. He has made numerous strides and posted about his story on his Instagram if you want to do a little bit of research. @TimLambesis. As I lay Dying packed St. Andrews Hall from wall to wall, completely SOLD OUT. As I Lay Dying put on an incredible performance, playing many fan favorites including: ‘An Ocean Between Us’, ‘The Sound Of Truth’, ‘The Darkest Nights’, ‘My Own Grave’, ‘Nothing Left’, ‘94 Hours’ and ‘Confined’. The complete set list is here!

As I Lay Dying released the music video for ‘My Own Grave’ on June 7th, 2018 so keep your eyes open for new content soon! Follow As I Lay Dying on Instagram at @AsILayDying.

Author: Jeremy Coutu
Instagram: @VanceLens

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