One Week Away: Paul Stanley’s New Book, “Backstage Pass”

As we prepare ourselves for the ultimate end of KISS, Paul Stanley is giving his fans a final look into his success. Stanley’s new autobiography, “Backstage Pass,” comes five years after his New York Times bestseller, “Face the Music.” While his first book focused on his upbringing and the history of KISS, “Backstage Pass” will expose fans to more stories of being on the road with KISS and his methods for success.

“Backstage Pass” shares Paul Stanley’s accomplishments and exactly how he was able to achieve them. After nearly 50 years as a front man for the legendary band, KISS, Stanley has a long list of insights to share with generations to come. KISS has become an iconic symbol for rock and roll and their ability to maintain relevance after so many years is difficult for most bands to attain. With “Backstage Pass,” we will get a look into how Paul Stanley has been able to keep KISS alive for over four decades and his road to success. The book will dive deeper into what his daily life is like now and what he has learned being in one of the most famous rock bands in the world. Readers can share in Stanley’s wisdom and may even be inspired to chase their own rock and roll dreams.

“Backstage Pass” comes as KISS has begun their final tour of the world. KISS’ influence on rock and roll cannot be denied. Their loud and uninhibited music changed the world of rock and roll and left a lasting impact on fans worldwide. KISS created a pop culture icon through marketing and their love for the music. After many years, KISS is touring for one last time. With the “End of the World” tour, Stanley’s, “Backstage Pass,” will reflect upon the band that changed his life and the world, one last time.

“Backstage Pass” will be released, April 30, 2019.

Author: Taylor Manley
Instagram: @taylorjordan812

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