Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To Get Warped This Summer

The Vans Warped Tour has become the go to traveling music festival for many over the past 25 years but unfortunately, that is coming to an end. Last year, founder Kevin Lyman announced that last summer’s tour would be the last tour but he said that there would still be other events. “The enduring spirit of the Vans Warped Tour remains as bright as ever, continuing to inspire creativity and ambition in new and exciting ways as we prepare for a 25th anniversary celebration in 2019,” he said.

That 25th anniversary celebration will be held in three cities this summer. It will be in Cleveland, Ohio June 08 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Atlantic City, N.J. June 29-30 at Atlantic City Beach and Mountain View, Calif. July 20-21 at Shoreline Amphitheatre. So whether you’re on the East Coast, Midwest or West Coast, you have a show in your area of the country.

They have a solid lineup showcasing the diversity of the artists that have been a part of Warped Tour. “We were always a good part of an artist’s puzzle…We have a great mix of bands who’ve played Warped over the last 25 years. You’ll see bands from the first couple years, the middle years, and some from the last couple of years. And, of course, someone will get mad because the one band they wanted won’t be there. But we came up with who could make it work, and we’re still delivering it at a fair ticket price,” Lyman said about the lineup. The Cleveland date only has a few bands but Atlantic City, N.J. and Mountain View, Calif. have about 70 bands each.

Make sure you make it out to one of these dates so you can witness the tour that brought fame to many previously unknown bands. I’m sure you will see some bands you have not heard before so be ready to expand your musical horizons! The Cleveland show is sold out on their site but you may be able to find tickets somewhere else. There are still tickets for the Atlantic City, N.J. and Mountain View, Calif. shows available on their site.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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