Inside Look: Knocked Loose Spring 2019 Tour

Knocked Loose Spring 2019 Tour starring Knocked Loose, featuring The Acacia Strain, Harms Way, Higher Power and Sanction

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Venue: Elevation

Date: April 9th, 2019

Hardcore heavyweights, Knocked Loose brought what seemed to be a small local show to an 800+ maximum capacity venue and made it was packed wall to wall. The whole show was energy, emotion and crowd kills from the first note.  Sanction started the show and the room split from one side to the next and never saw the other side again. This band is heavy and they know exactly what they’re doing. Higher Power brought some different flares of groovy, fast and a Rage Against The Machine feel from their performance.

Harms Way dominated their set as a supporting act for Knocked Loose (photo by Jeremy Coutu)

This was one of the most unique performances I have seen from any band in a long time. Throughout their performance, the crowd started to understand the band and realized Higher Power are pushing the boundaries of hardcore music. Harms Way is a band that has been forcing themselves into the scene. To my surprise, Harms Way has been around since before 2007. Deathcore legends, The Acacia Strain are among the most respectable, well-rounded and energetic bands around. Every song the crowd became more and more involved. Their mosh pit was harsh, brutal and any other word you can think of from 2008.

Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris carries one of the most unique vocal styles in all of hardcore (photo by Jeremy Coutu)

Knocked Loose mixed this set list up in many ways by playing their unreleased song By The Grave and many older tracks like, All My Friends, Damned Earth and The Gospel. Knocked Loose released Mistakes Like Fractures on April 4th, only 5 days before the show and the crowd screamed every word. Knocked loose finished their monumental performance with Billy No Mates and Counting Worms. Counting Worms was an interesting choice of a song to finish with in my opinion because it’s short. They extended the beginning and the ending and made it feel full. The crowd absolutely lost their mind when vocalist Bryan Garris ‘Barks’ in Counting Worms. After this performance, I will never miss a Knocked Loose show again. This tour blew my mind and I strongly suggest checking it out if it comes near you!

Follow all of these bands on Instagram at @KnockedLoosehc @TheAcaciaStrain @HarmsWay13 @HigherPowerLeeds @Sanction631

Author: Jeremy Coutu
Instagram: @VanceLens

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