Skillet’s comeback will be ‘Victorious’

Coming back with their 10th studio album, Skillet is set to release Victorious on Aug. 2, 2019 through Atlantic Records. Although they are a Christian rock group, Skillet will have songs on Victorious that target mainstream rock channels too. They recently released a video for “Legendary” which will be the first song on this album going to mainstream rock radio while another song, “Anchor”, will be going to Christian radio. While this is Skillet’s first album since the release of 2016’s Unleashed, members of the band have been working on solo projects in between. Singer/bassist John Cooper has started Fight The Fury and drummer/singer Jen Ledger has started Ledger. Check out our articles on those projects!

John Cooper and his wife, Skillet‘s guitarist/keyboardist, Korey Cooper produced most of the record themselves and with that came a lot more freedom. “We got to really dig in and try anything we wanted to try, and that comes through in some of the intricacies of the production,” said John. They will be targeting all of their diverse fan base. “What’s really interesting about Skillet is the fan base is so diverse. There are the Christian fans. There are the church group fans, but there are also hard rock fans, people who love Metallica and Slipknot,” John said.

Skillet has been sampling some song from Victorious on tour and their fans are loving it. Like most of their songs, “Legendary” has the hard rock sounds their fans expect while also having a good message. “The general message of ‘Legendary’ is to make your life count,” John said.

Speaking of tours, Skillet will co-headline the Victorious War Tour with Sevendust. The first show will be in Memphis Aug. 11 with Pop Evil and Devour the Day opening for them. You can view dates for this tour, and other Skillet performances here.

I’ve been a Skillet fan for years and I’m excited to listen to the rest of this album. You can pre-order it here.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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