Inside Look: Feel Nothing Tour (2019)

The Feel Nothing Tour (SOLD OUT) starring The Plot In You, featuring Like Moths To Flames, Dayseeker, and Limbs.

 Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan at The Stache

Date: March 29th, 2019

The Plot In You brought some serious heat on the ‘Feel Nothing’ tour. Every band killed their performances with heavy vocals, meaningful lyrics and a way of encapsulating the crowd. Limbs open the show with a fast melodic set. The band recently got a new vocalist and released a single called Abandoned. I compared this band to Counterparts because of their live performance. Intense.

The Plot In You live from The Stache in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dayseeker debuted their new song Crooked Soul and announced they have finished recording an album and it should be coming at the end of the year or the beginning of 2020. Dayseeker brings a lot of person emotion. Vocalist Rory Rodriguez writes about the death of his father and the relationship with his mother. The connection from one song to the next is like a story. Like Moths To Flames is a band that brings energy, heavy breakdowns and filthy mosh pits, never miss a chance to see them. They played some songs that they normally don’t like, You’ll Burn and Shallow Truths For Shallow Minds. 

Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker leads the crowd during their set

GNF is the filthiest breakdown to see live even though the song was released 2012, but maybe it’s the nostalgic thing about it. The Plot In You finished the night out with a memorable performance of Miscarriage of their 1st full-length album ‘First Born’. Although, the biggest surprise of the night was when they played Crows a single released in 2016. They finished the night with Feel Nothing, arguably the band most popular song to date. I left wanting more, and that’s not a normal feeling leaving a lot shows. Make sure you follow all of these amazing bands on Instagram at @ThePlotInYouOfficial @LMTF @Dayseeker @WhoIsLimbs

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