Relent Is Giving Us A ‘Heart Attack’

If you’re looking for some heavy music with a positive message, look no further. South Texas based Christian nu metal group Relent recently released their album Heart Attack.

One of the features of Heart Attack is how smooth the each track transitions to the next. With this 7 track album only being 25 minutes long, it’s easy to listen to in one sitting. That’s really the best way to listen to this album since the tracks share a few common themes.

One of the themes I noticed in the lyrics was gaining victory through surrender. In “Changed” vocalist Miggy Sanchez sings, “I was a monster, an addict, a creature of my habits. Of the lost ones, I would take lead. My actions, dramatic, depression running havoc. The first to call the last one to leave,” explaining how he used to live. In contrast, he sings, “On my knees i find my place // At your feet i give you praise // No more shame,no more pain // I surrendered everything” in the last song of the album, “Surrendered”.

Another thing that stands out in Heart Attack are the rap influences throughout. In a few songs you can hear a POD sound and that blends well with the screams.

The songs are consistently heavy throughout Heart Attack and hardly give you a break. The heavy guitars had me hooked from the beginning but the lyrics made me want to listen to the album again. I’d recommend this album to anyone, not just Christians. Relent is currently on tour throughout Texas and the surround states so if you’re anywhere near a show, check them out. I know I will if they’re ever in New York!

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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