Blink-182 Versus Angels and Airwaves

Blink-182 has released new music, as has former Blink member, Tom Delonge with his band, Angels and Airwaves. Both singles have similar aspects, but with completely different fan reactions. Delonge has had a long departure from music since leaving Blink-182 to focus on his interests in space. The harsh criticism from fans of Blink-182’s latest single, “Blame it on my Youth,” and the positive feedback to Angels and Airwaves’, “Rebel Girl,” may prove that Delonge was the creativity behind Blink-182.

Blink-182 has always been the band to go against the norm. Their ability to create music that ranges from silly skate-punk songs to deeper tracks is what has always set them apart from other rock bands. However, since losing member, Tom Delonge, the band has faced heavy criticism. Their 2016 album, California, was well received by critics and despite not having Delonge, it held its own amongst their discography. The latest release from the band diverges farther from any Blink song before. “Blame it on my Youth” is a heavy synth track that does not land with fans. Blink-182 has always been influenced by other genres while still remaining a punk rock band, but in this case their attempt to change up their sound fails. “Blame it on my Youth” is a lackluster song that could’ve come from any wannabe pop punk band. The song does not represent the best that Blink-182 could be. This release comes alongside the news of the band touring with Lil Wayne, another disapproval from fans. It’s always great to take inspiration from outside genres and create something new and exciting, but this song and tour demonstrates that Blink-182 is losing their edge.

Angels and Airwaves released their new single, “Rebel Girl”, just two weeks ago via Rise Records

Angels and Airwaves formed in the aftermath of Blink-182’s initial breakup. While members, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker went on to form +44, Tom Delonge was busy with Angels and Airwaves. The band dropped, “Rebel Girl,” a space-age love song that combines my enduring obsession for New Wave, pop punk and anthemic rock and roll music,” according to Delonge. The song perfectly encapsulates Delonge’s intentions and demonstrates his musical talents. Fan response to the new track and tour announcement was overwhelming, completely juxtaposing the reaction to Blink-182’s single. With both bands releasing songs with similar musical backgrounds, you would think fan response would be equal, but it was quite the opposite. Blink-182’s video has been flooded with negative comments regarding the change in the musical direction of the band and comparisons to AVA’s, “Rebel Girl.”

Both bands make attempts to create songs inspired by new wave and rock and roll, but Blink-182 falls flat. “Blame it on my Youth” is a watered down version of Blink-182. Meanwhile, “Rebel Girl,” tastefully incorporates synth into a pop punk genre, something that Angels and Airwaves has always been able to do successfully.

Which leads us to question whether Blink-182 would be more successful with Tom Delonge still in the band. The favorable response to his single versus Blink’s could represent the innovation that Delonge brought to Blink-182’s more popular albums. We will have to wait and see what each band does with their upcoming albums, both expected to release sometime this year.

Author: Taylor Manley
Instagram: @taylorjordan812

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