Help A Stranger (The Raconteurs) Out

After no new albums in 11 years, The Raconteurs will be releasing HELP US STRANGER on Friday, June 21. This is their first album since the release of Consolers Of The Lonely in 2008. The Raconteurs consists of Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. HELP US STRANGER was recorded at Third Man Studio in Nashville, TN. Third Man Records was founded by Jack White in 2001.

Recently, The Raconteurs released “Help Me Stranger”, the latest single from HELP US STRANGER. One of the defining features of the song is that Jack White and Brendan Benson are both singing all of the lyrics throughout the song. It has a different sound than some of their older songs like “Steady, As She Goes’ but still has the bluesy/poppy/rock feel that has been consistent with The Raconteurs.

The Raconteurs just finished touring through Europe but will be on the road for a North American tour starting in July to promote HELP US STRANGER. Go to their site for more information about the release of HELP US STRANGER and their upcoming tour.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

The Raconteurs Info:


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