Preview: Pure Noise Tour 2019

Pure Noise Records is home to some of the most brutal hardcore acts over recent years. With bands like Knocked Loose, Counterparts, and Terror on the roster, Pure Noise continues to live up to their reputation. More importantly, Pure Noise is typically the most recognized label when it comes to catching talent early in the music industry. As we have seen previously with Knocked Loose, the people over at Pure Noise know exactly what they and the industry are looking for. Acts such as Year of the Knife, Sanction, Inclination, and Left Behind are among the many that Pure Noise has added to the roster with loads of potential from the very beginning. So, it comes as no surprise that this year’s Pure Noise Tour is slated with top-tier hardcore talents ranging in experience.

Let’s break it down. Stick To Your Guns is a headliner or co-headliner for the tour with the two legends that are Counterparts and Terror. STYG has been around since 2003 and in truth, they were an introduction to hardcore for many of us. Not surprisingly, they are a fan favorite. Rightfully so, they have earned the title and their sound reigns true today: Orange County Hardcore is a force not to be reckoned with. The same can be said for Counterparts, who has had major growth in popularity over the years. Their five full length albums and three EPs are hardcore anthems that forged a new generation of hardcore. Not to mention, these guys are a blast live and throw in a ton of cool elements to the show. The longest reigning band on the lineup is Terror. With seven full length albums and dozens of hits, Terror has been wrecking their way through the music industry since 2002. For many of us, they are reminiscent of our middle/high school days. Keepers of the Faith is one of the coolest albums I have heard since being introduced to hardcore. In short, Terror has been champion of the hardcore scene for years and there is no slowing down now.

Look, I am a sucker for young talent in hardcore. They carry the weight for years to come and eventually these acts grow old with you, much like the long and successful tenure of both STYG and Terror. I have never been more excited for a band as I have been with Sanction. Oh, did I mention they are also on the lineup? These tour is among the most savage I have seen in recent memory, and Sanction is a big reason why. The relentless five piece from Long Island, NY is no holds barred act that seeks to destroy each set. I have been itching to see these guys live and I can’t wait to see what punch they are packing for a live set on such a stacked lineup. Their most recent release, “Radial Lacerations”, is played everyday in my house and for a dang good reason. Check it out below and give them a follow on Instagram to stay up to date with their tour status and new releases.

If you thought the lineup was already blistering, check this out. Year of the Knife is also slated, bringing yet another young edge to a tour that is on schedule to be the best of the year. Their recent release, Ultimate Aggression, is a creative masterpiece lyrically and a breath of fresh air in new age hardcore.

How can you not be excited for this tour? It is scheduled to have a ton of stops, so be sure to check out the dates below and see which one is closest to you! This is a tour you don’t want to miss, so bring yourself or bring some friends and check it out! I look forward to seeing you there! Our full review of the show will be available in mid to late August.


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