Preview: Orthodox Prepares to Take Atlanta

It’s a great time to be a hardcore fan. For the first time in recent memory, the genre is really starting to separate itself; having more distinction from metal and its many subgenres. Largely contributed to the hardcore elites of the scene, bands are beginning to shift the culture and make it their own. Among the first class acts is Orthodox, a straight edge four-piece from Nashville, TN. Orthodox is one of the many bands headlining the “Music City Metal” movement, in a city known around the world for its music culture. Atlanta prepares to welcome Orthodox with open arms at the tail end of the Hard 2 Kill Tour, in which they’ve supported the “Texas Death” revolution leaders I Am.

“Sounds of Loss” has become the album defining resurgence in the modern hardcore scene

Orthodox is set to take stage at The Masquerade, a club venue in Atlanta that has staged historic acts such as The Ramones, Rage Against The Machine, Marilyn Manson, and Iron Maiden among many others. Boundaries (CT), Depressor, Sustenance, and Living In Fear will also be on the lineup card and ready to rumble in The Masquerade on July 2. Notably, Orthodox really broke through when they released Sounds of Loss back in 2017. The critically-acclaimed album has become a leading anthem for new generation hardcore and last generation’s alike. Orthodox embodies many of the themes that precious metal/hardcore acts have harnessed, making them an alpha wolf in the growing pack of young metal acts. We’ll have a full review of the show as well as an interview with the band posted on the site next week.

Follow Orthodox on Instagram and Twitter @orthodoxtn.

Cover photo by Cam Smith. Follow him on Instagram here to stay tuned with the remainder of the Hard 2 Kill Tour and future shows. Check out his portfolio here.

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