Atreyu shows a softer side with “House Of Gold”

From the early days of metalcore, Atreyu has been a constant, releasing albums on a regular basis since the release of Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses in 2002. For myself, and probably many others, that album was one of the albums that introduced me to the beauty that is hardcore and metalcore. The rest is history. Fast forward to 2019, Areyu just released their music video for “House Of Gold” from their latest album In Our Wake. That album was released in October 2018 and was their seventh studio album.

“‘House of Gold’ is a really important song on the album, especially for myself and Alex. This song is about finding pure love. For us, that was through our children. It’s finding something or someone that truly gives you purpose,” Brandon Saller, their drummer, said. “For the video, we didn’t want to take a literal approach. We wanted to sort of just go off the rails. We wanted to continue to do things that seemed fresh to us, aesthetically. This is an extension of the video aesthetic that we dove into so far on this record, but with a sort of comic book-like, alternate reality twist. The director, Monte Legaspi, really made the concept his own and created something truly unique.”

You can tell the song is about love from the first line when Alex Varkatzas starts singing “The sky opened up the day you were born” then goes into how we was lost with no joy in his life. He then transitions into the chorus with “As I fall through the flames, yeah you save me.” The theme of the song is built on the first two lines of the chorus when he sings “You give me a reason to feel like I belong here. // I’ve been building this house made of gold, darling have no fear.” With those two lines you can see that “House Of Gold” is not only about love but, it is also about purpose, a purpose driven by love.

Currently, Atreyu is on tour as a part of the Disrupt Festival but will also be playing a few shows outside of the festival this summer. Check out our coverage of the festival here. Word on the street is that the Disrupt Festival is hoping to take the place of Van’s Warped Tour that is ending its 25 year summer tour reign this year.

Atreyu doesn’t have a fall tour set up yet but that doesn’t mean that they are slowing down. Their guitarist Travis Miguel said that they will probably begin working on their 8th album in early 2020.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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