Live Review: Orthodox Is Next Level Hardcore

My first hardcore show was a little less than a year ago from now. I have been an avid metal lover for most of my life, and I can say to this day that hardcore shows are a different experience entirely. The bands, the people, the atmosphere; all of it is only something you will know if you experience it first hand. If it’s your first hardcore show, it’s hard to gauge any sort of expectations you have. Since my first go-round last year, I have come to learn at least two things: 1. Hardcore is a league of its own, and 2. My expectations have changed. I won’t lie and say I never had seen Orthodox play on video through YouTube or what have you. I took a peak just to see what these guys were all about and if the echoes of greatness from the studio translated to the stage.

First off, I want to give a huge thank you to Adam Easterling and the entire band for having me at the show. This show meant a lot to me for more reasons than I can name and a massive shoutout to the guys in Orthodox for being fantastic musicians and even better people.

Let’s get down to business. Three local acts opened up the show. Living In Fear has built the prestigious reputation they deserve, as one of the forefront leaders of the Atlanta hardcore scene. They leave it all out there and once again, it showed. Sustenance followed suit, demolishing some brutal riffs and having frontman Drew Schultz put his vocal talent on full display. Depressor of Savannah, GA closed out the slab of local acts with full force, preparing the war-zone for Boundaries. Seeing Boundaries (CT) live is as vicious as it comes. If you’ve been streaming them on your Spotify playlist, you know that this is mosh heaven for hardcore lovers. Rightfully so, the whole place about blew the lid off when “My Body In Bloom” took flight towards the end of the set. Don’t get it twisted, people couldn’t wait for these guys to hit the stage. Their place in hardcore is solidified and it’s only up from here.

Now for your main act, Orthodox of Nashville, TN. This was Orthodox’s first ever headliner in Atlanta and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. I got to chat with frontman Adam Easterling before the show, all of which will be included as Part 2 of the Orthodox Series dropping next week. You can also catch the interview over on our podcast, so don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date on our upcoming launch.

Orthodox is (left to right) Adam Easterling, Shiloh Krebs, Mike White, and Austin Evans

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. First and foremost, I’ll go ahead and say that I have never been this impressed by a hardcore band’s live performance. If I could put it into words, I would tell you that it is almost like an out of body experience. The coolest thing about these guys is they can relate to anything you’ve ever felt and they show every ounce of emotion that comes with it. In a way, it’s a release even for an audience member’s problems. Orthodox does things a little differently, but in a great way. Sounds of Loss is a crowd favorite for its many different elements, much of which will be included on the new record.

Speaking of new records, you can expect one. There’s no specific date set, but both the guys and social media have indicated that they are in the studio working on LP2. Fans got a sneak peak of that with a new untitled track. If you’ve listened before, you know Orthodox throws in elements such as spoken word in their music. The untitled track signifies the perfect progression this band could make after such a warm reception with Sounds of Loss. The defining line for band’s in the age of internet streaming is being able to recognize what elements got you here and how you can push them into your future work without doing too much of it. This new track checks all of the boxes and is bound to be another crowd favorite. It’s hard to argue that “The Anticipation” is not this band’s coolest song live. For many of us, it was the first track to touch our ears from Orthodox. Furthermore, it truly harnesses frontman Adam Easterling’s emotional state on stage. He refers to it as “flipping the switch”, and that switch is unlike anything I have ever seen out of a frontman before.

Frontman Adam Easterling (left) and Guitarist Austin Evans (right) dominating their set on the Hard 2 Kill Tour

Orthodox also played mosh heavy tracks like “Panic” and “Second Best”, two of the highly esteemed tracks from Sounds of Loss. Another thing I picked up on live was the energy the guys put into their set. It’s all or nothing for them and it speaks volumes to their commitment that they can pull this off night in and night out for months at a time. Guitarist Austin Evans (Orthodox, A Dozen Black Roses, TraumaxQueen) is a massive part of setting the tone for the group with his ferocious backing vocals and his phenomenal work on the strings. Drummer Mike White will obliterate the kit to send the message: Orthodox takes no prisoners. Shiloh Krebs is the icing on the cake; the switch is flipped and it is officially no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Orthodox needs to be at the top of your list of must-see artists in 2019. They’ll be back on the road in September, so follow them on Instagram/Twitter over at @OrthodoxTN and on Facebook by clicking here. We’ll have Part 2 of the Orthodox series available next week, including our interview with frontman Adam Easterling where we chat influences, what’s to come, and more! Subscribe to our page by clicking here to be notified instantly for new articles, interviews, and news from Throne Magazine!

Thank you to Orthodox and photographer Cam Smith for your hospitality. All photos in this article are by Cam Smith. Check out Cam’s portfolio here and give him a follow over on Instagram @cam.smith.

For Aaron.

Author: Clay Drummond
Instagram: @cdrumm21

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