Too Close To Touch and Lacuna Coil Headline New Releases + Announcements

The second Monday in July of 2019 has been full of major announcements, including a new release from post-hardcore band Too Close To Touch of Kentucky. With all of our announcements lately (that you can find on our Instagram), there have been numerous awesome developments in our camp that call for some updates on top of reviewing the new Too Close track “F.I.N.E.” and covering all of the bases for the new Lacuna Coil album Black Anima.

Let’s kick it off with a few announcements. First, we recently announced the launch of our new podcast, which will be found on all major podcast streaming platforms. We’ll be talking similar content that we publish, including reviews, interviews, news and more! In just a couple of weeks we will be releasing our pilot episode followed by Episode 2, which consists of our interview with Orthodox frontman Adam Easterling. Subscribe in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page (mobile only) and follow us on Instagram (@thronemag) and Twitter (@throne_mag)

Plus, you can expect more live photos on the site from our photographer Jeremy Coutu. The following artists will be posted on the site in the coming weeks: Silverstein, Silent Planet, Architects, Thy Art is Murder, While She Sleeps, Trashboat, Scarlxrd, Movements, Bring Me The Horizon, Drug Church, Boston Manor, and August Burns Red.

In today’s news, Swedish rock band Ghost formally announced their upcoming headliner this Fall across Europe. This comes as a follow up to the North America Tour A Pale Tour Named Death. Dates for the Ultimate Tour Named Death can be found on the concert poster below.

Photo from @thebandGhost Instagram

More music news was announced on social media today, this time from Lacuna Coil. The Italian metal act announced their album Black Anima, set to release this fall on November 10. This one caught everyone off guard, as the band has not presented new material with this much anticipation since 2016 with Delirium. Lacuna Coil dropped the news with this mysterious post below that doesn’t give us much insight, just loads of curiosity.

Announced via Instagram in a series of posts from @lacunacoilofficial

After a wait that seemed like eternity, Too Close To Touch dropped the song “F.I.N.E.” after hinting at its release just a few short days ago. Too Close is a band that I’ve never wanted to change their sound. It’s pure and always finds a way to harness the emotions it strives to embody. My first time ever hearing them was live, so it has been a fun experience to take them in as a listener since that experience a couple of years ago when they played with Issues and Volumes. “F.I.N.E.” is a fun track that just slightly strays away from the typical lyrical style of Too Close while adapting the said style and maintaining their musical dignity. Few bands can pull this off. Better yet, few vocalists can pull this off. Keaton Pierce does it ever so brilliantly and seemingly effortless in this track, which only adds to the greatness that Too Close has built on over their successful tenure in the scene. “F.I.N.E.” sets yet another great foundation for Vol. 2 of the most recent release, I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 1. Check out the video for “F.I.N.E.” below to get a better look at this unique track/video from Too Close To Touch.

With spectacular voice production, vocals, and songwriting, Too Close To Touch has done it once again. Massive kudos to the guys in this hardworking band and a bow for Keaton Pierce in his vocals that get better and better as the years go on. Rating: 9/10.


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