Bands On The Rise: Inclination

Let’s continue on with more spotlight on the hardcore scene. To launch this series of Bands on the Rise, it’s time to dig really deep into straight edge hardcore. Bands that embody the straight edge lifestyle always carry some really cool lyrical content, and Inclination of Louisville, KY is no exception. As frontman Tyler Short puts it, Inclination is a “very straight edge” band and it shows in songs like “Vagrant”, where Short refers to drug dealers and the negative impacts on society from drugs all together. Some call it rebellion, but Inclination calls it drug free proclaimation.

Inclination performing at Sound and Fury 2019 (photo by Gabe Becerra)

Before we get too deep into the music, let’s talk about the band and the straight edge lifestyle. Inclination is somewhat of a supergroup of sorts in the hardcore scene, composed of frontman Tyler Short (Constraint, Another Mistake), Guitarist Isaac Hale (Knocked Loose), Guitarist Caleb Murphy (Expire), Bassist Peter Karrer, and Drummer Bryan Prosser (Wristmeetrazor, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Wicked Garden, Shame). Inclination formed in Louisville, KY in 2017 and released Midwest Straight Edge, the five track release that put them on the map. Straight Edge (sXe, XXX) is a lifestyle choice made by a growing number of hardcore/punk bands in which members life an abstinent lifestyle, typically in regard to drugs, alcohol, and sex. In an effort to combat the stereotypes of the hardcore music industry, straight edge embraces fighting back and promoting an ascetic lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2019, Inclination has established themselves as one of the fastest growing bands in hardcore. Not only did they recently release another five-track, but they signed with Pure Noise Records. The most recent release, When Fear Turns to Confidence, is an absolute gamechanger. All five tracks are sensational and display true craftsman ship by the band lyrically and instrumentally. Looking for some of the greatest breakdowns you’ll hear in 2019? You’ve found them in When Fear Turns to Confidence. Not to mention, these guys are nuts. They performed a show with Tyler Short needing knee surgery. Yep, he was in crutches in all. Talk about dedication and willingness to bring it every single night, these guys do it with zero excuses.

Inclination brings loads of energy to their live performances (photo by Spencer Chamberlin)

Better yet, Inclination is leading the hardcore revolution in Louisville. As earlier mentioned, members of Inclination also are in Constraint and Wicked Garden, both of which are steadily establishing their name in Kentucky hxc. Best thing you can do is give these guys a spin and find out for yourself just what kind of punch they are packing. Stream Midwest Straight Edge and When Fears Turns to Confidence below and let us know in the comments what you think!

Inclination on Spotify

Photographer Credits:

Cover photo and photo #1 by Gabe Becerra. Check out his Instagram by clicking here, where you can also access his portfolio of Sound and Fury at the link in his bio.

Photo #2 by Spencer Chamberlin. Check out his portfolio on his website by clicking here or on Instagram @reality_filter.

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