Don’t miss the tour of the summer!

Do you like metalcore? Of course you do, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t! The summer is almost over but there’s still time for some big shows. We touched on this in a previous article about Oh, Sleeper but we didn’t go into too much detail. For the rest of summer, Oh, Sleeper, Convictions, Famous Last Words and Empty are on the Bloodied/Unbowed tour. They are making their way up the East Coast now and will soon be heading into Canada and the Northwest US to finish the tour.

In this tour, Oh, Sleeper will be promoting their new album Bloodied/Unbowed. After listening to the album a few times, I know this show will be one to remember.

Next on the list is Convictions. They will be promoting their latest album Hope For The Broken as well as their newly released single “Hurricane”. If you haven’t listened to that track, I would make that a priority. The lyrics are full of emotion with the singer saying his life is chaotic like a hurricane. Regarding Convictions, be on the lookout for an article about them next week!

Famous Last Words will also be promoting new music. They recently released the EP Arizona featuring the single “No Walls”. From the first two lines of the chorus “I look up to the sky and I find I wonder why // Why the hell am I alive and standing here?” it seems like the singer is questioning the meaning of life, particularly his life. The rest of the song is him showing why he is asking himself this question.

Empty is a post-hardcore band from South Carolina. They have a unique sound that takes me back to the early days of post-hardcore.

All four of these bands are great by themselves but seeing them all together is going to be a show you’ll never forget. I will be at the show in Brooklyn, NY this Friday July 26 so leave a comment if you’re going to be there too! Tickets for the tour can be found here.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial


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