3 Hardcore EPs To Change Your Workouts

It’s been a long day at work and you need that soundtrack to your workout that’s going to help you finish strong. Whether it’s a long day at the office or in the classroom, you need that edge to get you going for your workout in the evening or in the early hours. Lucky for you, there are three hardcore EPS out there that will change your lifts forever. So buckle up, slam some caffeine, and get ready to stream some gnarly riffs for today’s fitness goals.

3. Inclination – When Fear Turns to Confidence

Louisville-based hardcore band Inclination took flight in 2018 after their 2017 EP Midwest Straight Edge gained mass attention from the hardcore scene. When Fear Turns to Confidence is another chapter in the Inclination story and is packed with breakdowns, killer riffs, and some tone-setting blast beats to get you ready to rock your workout. Like most EPs, this one is fun from start to finish. The title track, When Fear Turns to Confidence, gets the blood pumping and tracks like “Vagrant” will send you to another dimension.

A drug free proclaimation, my straight edge inclination! – Tyler Short, “Inclination”

2. Knocked Loose – Pop Culture

Knocked Loose is well on the path to solidifying their legendary status in heavy music forever. Not too often you can stop by your local Target and pick up a hardcore record, but Knocked Loose continues to break barriers. Pop Culture is an intense follow up to the Damaged Goods/Knocked Loose Split and gave everyone outside of Oldham County a taste of what was to come. Pop Culture is filthy levels of heavy and lays the groundwork for the esteemed success of Laugh Tracks and A Different Shade of Blue. “The Gospel”, “Separate”, and “Small Victories” are tributes to your workout and are assured to get the best out of your lift.

Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose at the ADSOB Release Show (Photo by Jeremy Coutu)

1. Boundaries – My Body in Bloom

Hartford County has given birth to a machine in Boundaries. Hartford County Misery launched a tirade of heavy riffs and god-tier vocals that put Boundaries in the perfect position to debut My Body in Bloom. In what I consider one of the heaviest releases to date, My Body in Bloom is a gym playlist from front to back. “Kill Me Patiently” is a stellar intro that gets the blood flowing, followed by “Blush” (which literally gets the blood flowing). Title track “My Body in Bloom” brings more of the heat with a deep poetical intro and elite lyrical content. “Pain Medicine” sets stage for “Crxss My Heart”, a jam with a few brutal breakdowns. If this one isn’t on your playlist yet, get it there ASAP.

“And once cut, you will be free from dirt, but you will not be clean” – Boundaries, “My Body in Bloom”

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