Turnover Returns to the Scene

    Turnover has returned to the scene with two new singles and the announcement of their upcoming album, Altogether.  Since their debut album, Magnolia in 2013, Turnover has been placed within the emo/pop punk genre, especially with their popular, Peripheral Vision. However, their 2017 release, Good Nature and their newest singles, “Plant Sugar” and “Much After Feeling” prove otherwise. Turnover is no longer the sad pop punk band that they were once known for. Instead, they have ventured into a dreamier, pop sound that could come right from the 80s. Many pop punk bands drift into a more mainstream pop sound, but Turnover has gone a completely different creative route with their latest synth based tracks. “Plant Sugar” sounds like the child of Good Nature and Peripheral Vision, a well balanced and quick track for a fan of either album. “Much After Feeling” is very similar to what you might hear from Good Nature and is loaded with 80s inspiration. It’ll be interesting to see where Turnover takes their new sound when Altogether comes out this fall.

Turnover is set to release Altogether on November 1, 2019.

Altogether Track List

01 “Still In Motion”

02 “Much After Feeling”

03 “Parties”

04 “Number On The Gate”

05 “Sending Me Right Back”

06 “Ceramic Sky”

07 “Valley Of The Moon”

08 “No Reply”

09 “Plant Sugar”

10 “Temporary Love”

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Author: Taylor Manley
Email: tjbm815@gmail.com
Instagram: @taylorjordan812

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