TDWP & Orthodox Highlight September Week 2 Singles

We knew coming in 2019 would be a big year in music. September rolls around and here we are: constant dumps of music hits that is seemingly impossible to keep up with. Realistically, it’s all great music and so hard to pass up. That’s why we are here. The legendary TDWP carries us into this fine September weekend, in succession by the upcoming giants Orthodox and a scene favorite in Dayseeker. We won’t keep you too long, so fasten your seatbelt and let’s put it in overdrive.

First up, The Devil Wears Prada follows up the first stellar single from their upcoming album The Act, which was titled “Lines of Your Hands”. It was a pleasant surprise to see TDWP return to the scene without skipping a beat. One song is not always a definite indicator, but “Lines of Your Hands” was a fantastic release that lit the spark back for many fans’ love of TDWP. Today’s release, “Please Say No”, is nothing short of terrific and follows the first single in brilliant fashion. Frontman Mike Hranica continues to blend his vocals, displaying his legendary status even further. Of course, DePoyster doesn’t miss a beat in this one. I wouldn’t call it a return to form, because Prada never left. BUT, TDWP is really on top of their game and putting out god-tier releases. It’s both exciting and fulfilling to see and no band truly deserves it more than these guys. They’ve stuck it out and continue to carry the name for metalcore. “Please Say No” is simply yet another example of how exceptional TDWP structures songs and lays out meaningful and passionate lyrics. Long live Prada.

Unbowed Rating: 9.5/10

Next up, the vastly intriguing and ever-so compelling Orthodox of Nashville. After seeing Orthodox live and speaking with frontman Adam Easterling, it was easy to see that this band has an immense work ethic and is patient with their creative efforts. Sounds of Loss was an absolute screamer, and “I Can Show You God” hits the scene first from their upcoming releases. As if this band didn’t already establish themselves, they are on the verge of a full blown takeover. “I Can Show You God” pulls some of the very successful elements from Sounds of Loss, plus some nu and industrial metal elements. Drums are wild, riffs are wild, vocals are insane. This is an overall outstanding release that only verifies Orthodox as not a one hit wonder, but a force to be reckoned with. Blast it and open a pit in your living room.

Unbowed Rating: 10/10

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