Ghost Returns With Epic Release

The legendary Swedish rock band Ghost (formerly Ghost B.C. has returned! That’s right, the award-winning band has debuted new music after a vastly successful campaign with Prequelle. It’s hard to imagine Ghost doing anything different from what they do best, which makes Seven Inches of Satanic Panic that much better musically. Music fans were pleasantly surprised with the release last Friday, the 13th (what better day to bring the heat).

Ghost re-ignites the fire with two new tracks, “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary On A Cross”. For the time being, it seems Ghost has drifted back to their schtick of deep religious references. In year’s past, this has fueled a holy war among many of the locations the band has toured. But hey, we’re all here for good music and Seven Inches of Satanic Panic holds up in that regard. No major shifts in sound here, excluding a few of the pop elements found in Prequelle that were not present on either of these tracks. Both songs are catchy and carry a contagious rhythm. Again, Ghost doesn’t stray from their form here. No growing pains with this band, it’s simply all hits from Opus Eponymous all the way to here. Take a listen to both tracks and take your pick as to which one is your favorite and drop it down in the comments.

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