Sustenance Torches ATL Death Scene with “Goddess”

Atlanta’s own death metal up-and-comers Sustenance have obliterated the local death metal scene with their newest track, “Goddess”. The band recently announced the anticipated release of their album Olde Gods, which drops on October 11. Hype ensued this week when “Goddess” was announced via social media, leaving Atlanta locals on edge to hear what the local favorites had to offer. Let’s dive right into the single that assured to knock your teeth in.

“Olde Gods” hits the shelves on October 11, 2019

If a live show didn’t say it all, “Goddess” will. I first encountered Sustenance when they supported Orthodox and Boundaries this summer. I, like many others, was very impressed with what these guys brought live. A young group of Atlanta guys pushing death metal to its limits day in and day out. Of course, the death metal path is one less traveled for the fact that it’s arguably the toughest subgenre to survive in. Sustenance, however, continues to solidify their place in not just the Atlanta scene; but the international death metal scene. “Goddess” is a flawless combo of what Sustenance does so well: thundering drum beats, fantastic string play, and spectacular vocals. Frontman Andrew Schultz gets it right in and out of the studio and “Goddess” is a display of perfection put into practice. The same can be said of the drummer Boughter, who instantly caught my attention over the summer. This is a top notch drummer in the United States who is starting to gain notoriety. Sustenance, as a unit, deserves all the credit here. Slam Worldwide debuted the video for “Goddess” today, so go check it out and give the guys in Sustenance a follow on social media to stay up-to-date with Sustenance and the forthcoming album, Olde Gods.

Check out the video via Slam Worldwide by clicking here!

Instagram: @sustenanceband

Twitter: @sustenancega

Facebook: Sustenance Music

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Rights to album artwork reserved by Sustenance.

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