Live Review of the Pop Punk Tour of the Year

Pop-Punk Tour of the Year: Nella Vita Tour featuring Grayscale, Belmont, Bearings and Rich People.

Venue: The Shelter- SOLD OUT 

Detroit, Michigan 

September 29th, 2019

 Hearing the band, Rich People, for the first time, bandslike Have Mercy and Homesafe came to mind. Soft alternative vibes with raw and captivating vocals. The Shelter swayed from left to right the whole time. Their set felt very intimate; almost like a local Chicago house show.The bands latest album called ‘Grace Sessions’ was released in 2018 and can be found on all streaming services. Follow the band at @RichPeopleBand to see when they’re coming to a city near you! 

Bearings released their first full-length album on Pure Noise Records called ‘Blue in The Dark’ in 2018. The bands EP ‘Nothing Hear Is Permanent’ struck a cord with a lot of people in the pop-punk scene, including me. Songs like Letter’s Home, Eyes Closed and Where you are, forced The Shelter off of their feet. Bearings brought the heat and Detroit sang every word back to them. As an ‘opener’ the show was packed and I hope to see a Bearings headlining tour in the near future! Listen to ‘Blue In The Dark’ and ‘Nothing Here is Permanent’ on all streaming services. Follow the band at @BearingsBandon social media.

Seeing Belmont for the first time on this tour was nothing shy of insane. Belmont gave me so many different feelings, like hearing ‘By My Side’ with the intro being a hip-hop low bass, low-pitched hype man. This quickly changed into pop punk vocals from 2010. Belmont is quick paced, punk and in your face, comparative to Counterparts. Crowd surfers popped off as well as stage divers. This band set high expectations and will exceed them every time. Belmont’s latest release is a single ‘By My Side’ was released on September 16th, 2019, so new music is expected soon! Give their new single, ‘By My Side’ a listen on all streaming services and follow them at @BelmontMusic on social media.

The first time I saw Grayscale was on Warped tour 2018, the band had released their album ‘Adornment’ in 2017. I remember there being a pretty big buzz around them and so I decided to shoot photography of them and see what it was all about. Needless to say, I picked up ‘Adornmentand still listen regularly. I was super excited when Grayscale announced the release of ‘Nella Vita’ and the Nella Vita Tour. Grayscale played a variety of songs from, Nella Vita, Adornment and What We’re Missing. Detroit was heartbreak city as The Shelter screamed words from Palette ‘I hope he misses you and listens just like I do, you know it’s no good for you, you know he’s no good for you’. Every song was full of energy, emotion and poppy vocal melodies. Baby Blue, Young and Old Friends are notable songs from the set. The only thing I can say about Grayscale is that the next time they come around, it will not be in a small venue. Grayscale is only going up from here and I cannot wait to see what they do. This is a new age of pop-punk. Check out ‘Nella Vita’ on all streaming services and follow them at @GrayscalePA

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Jeremy Coutu

IG: VanceLens

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