Halloween Horror: The Silver Scream Edition

Back at it again, the metalcore band Ice Nine Kills (INK) released their fifth album, The Silver Scream, on October 5, 2018. In the same vein as their last album, Every Trick in the Book, where every track was based on a different piece of horror literature, all 13 songs in The Silver Scream are based on a different horror film. It feels like a horror movie as you listen through the album when it goes from soft to building up to an in your face metal over and over again all while moving you through the plots in each movie the songs are referencing.

The first song, “The American Nightmare”, references A Nightmare on Elm Street and starts in soft vocals but explodes with an “Early to bed, early to die”. The chorus is extremely catchy and I can guarantee that it’ll be stuck in your head. It’s not just the vocals and lyrics that make this song a good listen, throughout the song, the guitar blends perfectly and sets the tone.

The album builds with the next track, “Thank God It’s Friday”, a tribute to Friday the 13th and it’s character Jason. It’s a heavy hitter through the whole song with clean vocals in the chorus. There is the voice of Jason’s mother a few times in this track explaining how her son drowned and it really sets the mood for the song.

From there, INK perform songs that are very fitting to the horror film theme crescendoing to the 13th song “IT Is the End” based on none other than the cult classic, IT, the film based on the Stephen King book about the clown Pennywise. The song starts off with appropriate carnival music and a clown like voice. The song is heavy after the first minute until about a minute before the end. The song fades out to a repeating ‘We all fall down here.’

Another feature of this album is the number of songs with collaborators. The Saw inspired song, “The Jig Is up”, features Randy Strohmeyer of The Sound Of Animals Fighting. The track inspired by The Shining, “Enjoy Your Slay”, features Sam Kubric, the grandson of the director of The Shining. “Love bites”, the song based on An American Werewolf In London, features Chelsea Talmadge from Netflix’s Stranger Things. The song inspired by Edward Scissorhands, features Tony Lovato of MEST. Former INK member Jeremy Schwartz, appears on “Rocking The Boat”, the track inspired by Jaws. The last song of the album “IT Is the End” features JR Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub of Less Than Jake, and Will Salazar of Fenix TX.

This album did not disappoint. INK showed off their versatility and talent throughout the album. I have been an INK fan for a while and they did not disappoint with this album. What do you think about this album?

You should check out the music videos for this album too. INK created a video series based on 4 of the album’s songs (“The American Nightmare”, “Thank God It’s Friday”, “A Grave Mistake”, “Stabbing in the Dark”). Just a word of advice though, don’t listen to this album in the dark!

Signing Out,

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial
Email: acjones212@gmail.com

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