Overcome the Darkness with Our Last Night

You may remember our previous article about Our Last Night’s album Let Light Overcome in February but that’s not all they had planned for 2019! They’re back now with a new album, Overcome the Darkness. These albums are a two-part record which I think is a very interesting idea. It has probably been done before but I cannot remember that happening anytime recently. Overcome the Darkness was release on November 8 and contains some of the band’s best work and definitely some of the most impactful.

One of the defining themes of the seven song album is how positive the lyrics are. That’s not always an easy thing to pull off in the post-hardcore genre but Our Last Night does it beautifully. On the first listen you may not see that but collectively the songs provide a feeling of defiance and hope. An example is the second song “Losing Sleep”. They sing about not being worried about or being influenced by other peoples’ opinions, “Is it destruction you see? // To live in a world without me // I hate to break it to you, but I’m not listening”. The next song “Lost” is about them giving support because they knew what it was like to be lost. “I promise you when you’re lost, I will save you // I want to be the one to lead you through the dark // I’ll never leave you // I promise you won’t be alone”. The title track, “Let Light Overcome The Darkness”, gives listeners a choice. They can stay in a dark place controlled by insecurities or escape to a safe place in the light. The chorus is full of hope and shows how to let the light in. “Let light, overcome the darkness // Let light, be your shining armor // Just open up your heart // And watch all the panic burst into flames // Let light, overcome the darkness // Overcome the darkness”.

Just the name Overcome the Darkness is powerful because it’s talking about an internal darkness that many of us have in us every now and then. The focus on mental health and the stigmas surround it lately makes this the perfect time to release this album. I’m sure that Our Last Night will give people hope with this album.

Currently, Our Last Night is on tour with I SEE STARS, THE WORD ALIVE and ASHLAND. I won’t be able to go to a show but I’m sure it would be great. I’ve seen Our Last Night before and they put on a great show!

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @itsjustaustinjones
Email: acjones212@gmail.com

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