Nothing Left Closes 2019 in Brutal Fashion

Here we are at the conclusion of 2019 with a terrific year in the scene ready to be wrapped up for a highly anticipated 2019. I’ve been buzzing for this album all year. Which album, you ask? Nothing Left. If you didn’t know, this band is an elite tandem built of members from some of the scene’s legends, including For Today, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Silent Planet, and Take It Back! When I got the news these guys were following up the 2017 release Destroy and Rebuild, I had a feeling they’d turn it up. Let’s see just how they did it:

December 13 marks the day that Nothing Left released Disconnected, a follow up to their 2017 EP titled Destroy and Rebuild. In sum, Disconnected affirms this band’s role in the hardcore scene and verifies they belong. In truth, we could have never questioned the talent or potential of Nothing Left. Like most supergroups, it is the chemistry that can be of concern but Nothing Left pushes that down the throat of any of the naysayers. Nine tracks of utter mayhem come packed in Disconnected. Much more than just a hardcore AOTY contender, this album is a statement. Here’s a few of my favorite statement tracks from Disconnected:

“Choose Your Side”:

We live for the adversary lyrical content in music, especially hardcore. “Choose Your Side” is the opening track that took me by surprise. How hardcore bands approach opening tracks is always interesting, which Nothing Left leaves few things to be sacrificed. It’s all or nothing from the very beginning and “Choose Your Side” is a heavy establishment of what Disconnected is meant to be: not a side, but a full dish of moshed potatoes.

“Death from Above”:

Danger up to this point. I knew this album was brewing something insane and “Death from Above” brings us to a spinkicking climax. There is so much influence in this band that takes this so much further than modern hardcore, which is evident in this track. “Death from Above” is a lessons learned track that takes the successful things done in hardcore for nearly 30 years and packs it down into a fantastic track. This is easily my favorite track on the album and is lyrically something to fall in love with.


The title track sets the pace for the latter part of the record and builds a monumental tempo to the final third. “Disconnected” is the build-up we have come to love in hardcore with a brutal breakdown and creatively-built riffs. Let this one carry you to the end aggressively.

Disconnected is easily a top five hardcore record for me in 2019. If you read this far, you’re just waiting for a rating probably. Disconnected comes into the final month with a hype train that lives to tell the tale. Nothing Left’s newest release is a 9.5/10 for me and is an established regular in my hardcore playlist. Well done from a talented group with the entire scene in front of them. Thanks for reading, folks!

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Photos of the band/artwork are property of Nothing Left and are not works of Unbowed Online.

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