New Citizen Album on the Horizon

Citizen has remained pretty low key throughout 2019 with no new album release and a minimal touring schedule.The band even took seven months off to focus on writing new songs after a few small tours overseas opening for The Story So Far and Turnstile. When the band announced their break, fans were worried that it would be a long time before we got to hear new music. However, just recently the band announced that they were in the making of their fourth studio album via Twitter on December 17th and it looks as though we may see an early 2020 release.

Although we did not get our bi-annual Citizen album, we did get a great single from the band back in May. “Big Mouth” was a slight departure from their last album, As You Please, released in 2017, but both were well received by fans and critics. This song helped Citizen dig their heels into the Indie genre with Matt Kereke’s fervent vocal style and ethereal lyrics while still incorporating their origins in pop punk with a fast paced bassline and a catchy beat. The last two Citizen albums have sounded like they come straight out of the 90s and “Big Mouth” is no different. Where “Big Mouth” distinguishes itself from previous albums is that it is not pinpointed to a specific subgenre like that of their second album, Everybody is Going to Heaven (which often lies within the 90s grunge/punk era) and could appeal to a much larger audience of listeners. Since Citizen has been keeping quiet about the next album, it is uncertain as to whether “Big Mouth” will reflect the sound of the next album, or if they will go down a different path musically. Either way, fans know that the band will continue to impress and evolve, as they have always been known for.

Citizen is the epitome of how a band should progress in their career. Even though each album in their discography differs drastically, each one still feels like an album created by Citizen. The band does not rely on past successes, such as their breakthrough album, Youth, but instead grows from them and breathes fresh air into their next work, something that can be looked forward to for their next studio album. Despite the fact that we have no information as to what the next album will be like and when it will be released, fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats waiting for what Citizen will create next.

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Author: Taylor Manley
Instagram: @taylorjordan812

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