LBD Preshow adds Atlanta’s Strangle You

Print pub ain’t dead and neither is hardcore. Life and Death Brigade (LDB) Fest is one of the top notch hardcore festivals in America, bringing acts like Inclination, No Option, Life’s Question, Terror, and many others in a two day frenzy at Riot Skatepark in Louisville, KY. The preshow takes place on February 6th, with the 7th and the 8th holding the headline lineups. Don’t take the preshow lightly though punks, it carries the weight with bands like Higher Power, Kharma, and Cross Me ready to get your blood flowing for days 2 and 3.

Stepping Stone also held a spot on the preshow, but unfortunate circumstances have led to the band no longer being able to play. Atlanta’s Strangle You now jumps in to take their place in a spot that’s very well deserved. True to their roots, Strangle You is new age hardcore with traditional influence that slaps you in the face. I came across this band a few months ago through the Atlanta scene and was drawn in quickly. Strangle You brings everything I love about hardcore to the table: ruthless lyrical content, fist-clenching riffs, and most importantly: attitude. After a solid showing on their debut demo, the first EP titled Problem is just a taste of what this band can bring. There’s not a track on Problem that isn’t superb, plus Strangle You encompasses some really cool elements on this release front to back (we live for the soundbites). If you love up and coming bands, now is your chance before these guys hit the top.

If you’re at LBD, check these guys out and give their EP Problem a spin by clicking here. If you’re not around for LBD, Strangle You will be playing a free show with Atlanta crossover band Living in Fear on March 7 at The Firehouse in Birmingham, AL.

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