LAST ONES LEFT: Code Orange Brings The Show to You TONIGHT

Recently, Pittsburgh-based hardcore act Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) were cited as the “future of heavy music” by Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor. They’ve taken full form of that statement over the past few months in the buildup to their highly-anticipated album Underneath. Fans got a taste of the direction Code Orange had in mind for this album with the groundbreaking singles, “Underneath,” “Sulfur Surrounding,” and “Swallowing the Rabbit Whole.”

Underneath released yesterday on Friday, March the 13th to much acclaim, with many referencing Taylor’s statement on just how big Code Orange is on track to be. The band was also set to head out on tour to promote the album alongside Show Me The Body, Jesus Piece, Year of the Knife, and Machine Girl. No major news has broken ground regarding the tour yet. The band, however, relayed the news via Instagram that their record release show in Pittsburgh had been rescheduled due to the ongoing crisis with COVID-19 (wash yo hands people!) As anticipated, this is impacting many bands across all genres, some of which rely on their music for their creative outlet and their income.

Though many bands are canceling, Code Orange had something different in mind. Barriers are continuing to be broken with this band, so read their statement via Instagram below to see what’s going on:


That’s right. Tonight, March 14 live on Twitch. The record release show in an empty venue, the merch, all of it. If you had tickets to the release show, be sure to check out their post in regards to your next course of action. Either way, prepare for carnage. Code Orange is coming to a living room near you. LAST ONES LEFT: In Fear of the End hits TONIGHT on the Code Orange twitch channel (@codeorangeofficial) at 9:00 PM EST. See the poster below for all the details you need to attend!

*Here’s the link to the event for quick access:

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