The Used 2020 Headline Tour: Live Review

The Used 2020 Headline Tour
Detroit, Michigan
St. Andrew’s Hall (SOLD OUT)
Artists: The Used and Dragged Under

Dragged Under is a quintet group based out of Seattle, Washington that formed in
2019. If you have never heard of Dragged Under, become familiar; they are packed
with so much energy, emotion and straight up power. Dragged Under started off the night with some serious bangers including Roots, Hypochondria, Chelsea and The Real You. All of these songs are off of their first full length album, ‘The World is in Your Way’. This show was the first time I had seen Dragged Under and I can easily say, I will definitely be seeing them when they come around on their next tour. While at the show, I felt the band showed notes of Beartooth, Billy Talent and State Champs. Dragged Under cadences were simply unmatched among many of the bands I have seen live. During the last 3 songs, singer, Tony Cappocchi, got rowdy with the crowd, singing and moshing. Keep an eye out for new tours and new music in 2020 by following them @DraggedUnder on Instagram. Listen to their music on all streaming services!

The Used

Seeing The Used had me feeling like all 1000 people that were in St. Andrew’s Hall, nostalgic. It was clear that the crowd was as excited as when My Chemical Romance announced they were doing a reunion tour. (If you know, you know) Bert McCracken came out with I’m a Fake and had the Hall off their feet and singing every word before the rest of the band could make their way on stage. When I say that the crowd did not take a breath, I mean it. The Bird and the Worm, Blow Me, All That I’ve Got, Lunacy Fringe and arguably the bands most popular song The Taste of Ink. Swift dancing, crowd surfers, smoking on stage, mosh pits, and smiles on the faces of every person at the venue made this night memorable in so many ways. The Used is releasing a new album ‘Heartwork’ on April 24th, 2020 but, for now listen to their new singles, Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton and Blow Me. Follow The Used on Instagram @TheUsed and listen to their music on all Streaming services!

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Jeremy Coutu
IG: VanceLens

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