New Citizen Album on the Horizon

Citizen has remained pretty low key throughout 2019 with no new album release and a minimal touring schedule.The band even took seven months off to focus on writing new songs after a few small tours overseas opening for The Story So Far and Turnstile. When the band announced their break, fans were worried that it would be a long time before we got to hear … Continue reading New Citizen Album on the Horizon

Warped Elitism: The Beloved Tour’s Toxicity

Warped Tour provided a platform for many bands to share their music with the world and establish themselves as artists, but it was also a place for sexual predators and band members who were accused of sexual assault, grooming and harassment to reside in. The consistent allegations over the final years of Warped is what made artists not want to participate in the tour at … Continue reading Warped Elitism: The Beloved Tour’s Toxicity

Review: “Nine” by Blink-182

    When Blink-182 released the first single off of their upcoming album, “Blame It on My Youth,” I wasn’t exactly impressed. I deemed it to be “a lackluster song that could’ve come from any pop punk band”. I hold Blink to a much higher standard when compared to their pop-punk cohorts, and as such I went into this with very low expectations. However, Nine as … Continue reading Review: “Nine” by Blink-182

Turnover Returns to the Scene

    Turnover has returned to the scene with two new singles and the announcement of their upcoming album, Altogether.  Since their debut album, Magnolia in 2013, Turnover has been placed within the emo/pop punk genre, especially with their popular, Peripheral Vision. However, their 2017 release, Good Nature and their newest singles, “Plant Sugar” and “Much After Feeling” prove otherwise. Turnover is no longer the sad … Continue reading Turnover Returns to the Scene

Don’t be the next American, or wherever you live, Idiot

Mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss this! At 12 a.m. next Friday, July 19, punk rock legends Green Day will be releasing a new track. This announcement was made yesterday on the Kerrang! Radio show “Breakfast with Sophie K.” We don’t know the name of the track but we will keep you updated as it is released. Last December, Green Day‘s singer and … Continue reading Don’t be the next American, or wherever you live, Idiot

15 Years Later: The Lasting Impact of “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”

    Funeral mourners dancing with umbrellas at the head of a gothic cathedral was my first sight of My Chemical Romance. The music video for “Helena” introduced my seven year old self to a new world of music. The dramatics and emotions radiating from the band intrigued me even as a child. Gerard Way was the ideal front man in rock and roll and the … Continue reading 15 Years Later: The Lasting Impact of “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”

Life After MCR: Gerard Way and The Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way’s vision has come to life in the form of a Netflix TV show. The Umbrella Academy has been one of his projects since his early days as the front man for My Chemical Romance. Since then, he, alongside artist Gabriel Ba, have created Apocalypse Suite, Dallas, and most recently; the long awaited Hotel Oblivion. The show has become a hit with audiences everywhere. … Continue reading Life After MCR: Gerard Way and The Umbrella Academy

Review: “Televiolence” by Promise Breaker

Carlisle, Pennsylvania-based band Promise Breaker released their third LP, entitled Televiolence, on February 20th. For the uninitiated, Promise Breaker’s unmistakable sound features vocalist Tyler Beam’s deep, guttural delivery overtop punishingly heavy guitars and slamming drums. The band discusses topics ranging from society, to insanity, to the obscure in their lyrics. Their debut, self-titled LP released in 2016 and clocked in at 13 minutes across 8 … Continue reading Review: “Televiolence” by Promise Breaker