LBD Preshow adds Atlanta’s Strangle You

Print pub ain’t dead and neither is hardcore. Life and Death Brigade (LDB) Fest is one of the top notch hardcore festivals in America, bringing acts like Inclination, No Option, Life’s Question, Terror, and many others in a two day frenzy at Riot Skatepark in Louisville, KY. The preshow takes place on February 6th, with the 7th and the 8th holding the headline lineups. Don’t … Continue reading LBD Preshow adds Atlanta’s Strangle You

A New Era In Straight Edge

Straight edge (XXX, sXe) has long been a huge component of the punk rock movement. The “X” has been a pivotal piece in the lives of many music lovers and musicians alike for generations on generations. The movement, which took flight in 1981, was sparked by the song “Straight Edge” by the D.C. based hardcore punk band Minor Threat. Over the years, straight edge has … Continue reading A New Era In Straight Edge

Bands On The Rise: Inclination

Let’s continue on with more spotlight on the hardcore scene. To launch this series of Bands on the Rise, it’s time to dig really deep into straight edge hardcore. Bands that embody the straight edge lifestyle always carry some really cool lyrical content, and Inclination of Louisville, KY is no exception. As frontman Tyler Short puts it, Inclination is a “very straight edge” band and … Continue reading Bands On The Rise: Inclination