Release Friday: WildHeart Continues Their Breakthrough Campaign

2019 has been a memorable year for post-hardcore/rock act WildHeart of Atlanta, Georgia. This is the band’s first full year as an installment and it has not disappointed. Fans have swarmed over the previous singles “Lonely” and “Animal”. Popularity and speculation pushed to an all-time high when drummer Michael Bohn announced the band’s formation last year. The scene’s faithful went nuts, as Bohn (formerly Issues, Woe, Is Me) revealed his musical revival with Kevin Hanson (formerly Woe, Is Me).

Of course, fans assumed Hanson and Bohn were building another metal project. After all, it was all we knew from them up to this point. If you would have told me that WildHeart was going to even exist on the many nights I stood in an Issues pit, I would have told you that you’re mad. The real magic in all of this is not its existence, it is that this band is thriving. The band of black sheep has seemingly constructed the chemistry to build something magnificent from the very beginning.

“Seeing It Through” is the most recent release from post-hardcore act WildHeart and holds the only perfect rating in our site’s history.

If Wildheart needed ANYTHING (and that’s a big if), it was an anthem. Something that would separate them from the industry even more than they already have. “Seeing It Through” was released at midnight on Friday, June 7. This is that anthem. Up to this point, I have thought the previous Wildheart releases were near perfect. All things considered, these guys are still young and are new. It is shocking how “Seeing It Through” is another affirmation that this is a puzzle piece fit. Bohn and Hanson deserve all of the applause in the world for this project. Moreover, lead singer Jaten Dimsdale, Bassist Turner Wood, and Guitarist/keys Adonijah Cartwright have solidified this group as the next big thing. It may be early for comparisons, but WildHeart is a group of hard working guys on the verge of becoming a super group.

“Seeing It Through” is now available on all streaming platforms. In my opinion, it is WildHeart’s big statement to the masses that this is real and it is here to stay. Kudos to the band for another terrific release. This is easily the best song I have had the pleasure of reviewing as the creator. Check out WildHeart on Instagram @wildheartofficialus and on Twitter @wildheartus.

Rating: 10/10

Check out Wildheart on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify! Stream their new single and post a screenshot on social media and tag them at the handles above. You can stream their new single via Spotify here!

All photos courtesy of Garrett Cardoso. You can follow him on Instagram here.



One thought on “Release Friday: WildHeart Continues Their Breakthrough Campaign

  1. Totally awesome musicians you guys are great keep it real don’t lose yourself in all the fame of the game… Keep being your true self….


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